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A Competitive Advantage In Collaboration with Rocketrip


Nights spent with a friend instead of hotel


Money saved flying coach instead of business


Percentage of travel budget saved


Number of employees who’ve earned points

The biggest surprise was the number of employees who wanted to stay with friends.

Tina Hanson Prologis Travel Manager

Prologis, Inc. is the global leader in logistics real estate, with 3,742 buildings and 5,500 customers across 19 countries on four continents (as of September 30, 2018). In 2017, Prologis began working with Rocketrip to help reduce employee travel costs. Rocketrip spoke with Tina to see how the collaboration has been working.

Why Rocketrip?

Our executives were intrigued by what Rocketrip could offer. Specifically, we wanted to understand how Rocketrip could help us improve employee adoption of online travel tools as we continued to promote cost-conscious travel across our ranks. During our due diligence process, we discovered another bonus: rewards for saving money on travel. Our employees really appreciate this aspect of the program.

Prologis: Ahead of What’s Next

To stay ahead of what’s next and continue to provide the best value for our shareholders, customers, employees and other stakeholders, we are looking at a variety of ways to streamline and be more agile as an organization. Rocketrip is part of that strategy.

Employee Response

People are excited about what Rocketrip offers. Earning rewards for shaving costs on travel is a terrific incentive, and it’s been fun to see the enthusiasm around that.

Additional Bonuses

Our administrative personnel really appreciated the additional trainings we offered to help them learn this new system. Also, we posted a tips and tricks “cheat sheet” on our company intranet—this has offered a lot of bang for the buck.

Bottom Line

Our online adoption has increased, our travelers are happy and, in addition to saving more money than expected, we can easily track those savings.

Most Popular Reward

Amazon, Visa, REI, Macy’s, Delta

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