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Does Rocketrip replace my online booking tool (like Concur) or my TMC?

No, Rocketrip actually works alongside tools like Concur and Deem to increase your savings and reward travelers. Our partner ecosystem includes the leading online booking tools and travel management companies, and we also work with many large unmanaged travel programs.

What travel programs are a good fit for Rocketrip?

Rocketrip customers come from all industries and countries across the world. Mid-size to enterprise travel programs and travelers will see major benefits from Rocketrip.

My company uses Rocketrip. How do I get started?

Wonderful! You can reach out to our highly rated traveler support team at any time for help. It only takes a minute to be set up before you can book travel as you normally would.

Will Rocketrip affect my negotiated rates?

Rocketrip will not impact your negotiated rates. We can actually help drive travelers to your preferred vendors. Rocketrip customers have even used our unique data to re-negotiate better rates for travelers.

What new data and insights do I get with Rocketrip?

Our Insights Dashboard combines your online booking tool (OBT) data and your travel management company (TMC) data with all-new Rocketrip savings data to give you the full picture of your travel program. This data is live and real time, and you can customize and export it. We’re always adding to our reporting capabilities, so request a demo to see for yourself.

My employees are already compliant with our travel policies. Can Rocketrip still control my costs?

That’s great! There’s still room for significant savings in your travel program even if every employee is already policy compliant. Rocketrip incentivizes travelers to choose things like business class downgrades, earlier flight times, earlier advance bookings, or lower star hotels. The best part is travelers choose what to be flexible on, versus adding more policy restrictions that impact your culture.

How secure is your data?

Simply put: secure. We primarily work as a data processor (AWS is our cloud computing network). We are California Consumer Privacy Law (CCPA) and General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliant. You can also read our privacy policy here.

Can Rocketrip work with my existing employee benefits program?

Yes! Rocketrip comes out of the box with a fully managed Rewards Store, but many enterprise customers prefer to connect Rocketrip with an existing incentives program. We will work with you and your benefits team to find the best solution for your culture.

My company isn’t traveling right now because of COVID-19. Should I wait until next year to talk to Rocketrip?

Traveler safety and happiness is our top priority also. Rocketrip can ensure you have a more positive travel culture built on employee choice when it’s safe to get your travelers on the road again. Talk to us about structuring a Rocketrip program around your return to travel so you’re ready to save on day one.