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How NuVasive is Rewarding Travelers While Reducing Costs 18%


Reduction in travel spend


Reduction in hotel spend


Reduction in flight spend

One of our mottos at NuVasive is ‘act like an owner’ and Rocketrip has made people do just that...

Courtney Moran NuVasive Travel Manager & Senior Buyer

NuVasive develops minimally disruptive, procedurally-integrated solutions for spine and beyond. Its employees travel the world in order to improve the lives of patients who suffer from debilitating back, neck, or leg pain by creating cutting-edge products and procedures that revolutionize spine surgery. In 2017, they brought on Rocketrip to cut travel costs and reward employees.

Why Rocketrip?

We were already a Concur user so having Rocketrip integrated into Concur was huge. The biggest benefits are the visibility into the travel, the reporting and the improvements to the business travel experience.

Changing Mindsets

One of our mottos at NuVasive is “act like an owner” and Rocketrip has made people do just that. They are asked to save money and cut costs in the ways that they can—and in this case they actually are the owner because they benefit in the savings as well as the company.

Managers Take

It helped us bring a little bit of the fun back into travel. And instead of punishing people for doing things that they shouldn’t be doing, we’re rewarding people for going above and beyond to save money for the company.

Employees Take

After three months we did surveys and talked extensively to travelers. I’ve been here long enough to know some people personally which is really great because I get their honest feedback. I asked, “Did you really actually choose this flight? Did you actually stay with a friend when you wouldn’t have done that before?” And their honest feedback was that yes, they had done something differently to earn travel rewards.

Pain-Free Onboarding

The adoption is easy and the great thing is people don’t have to do anything different. You just go into the platform, enter all the info just like you would: I’m going from this city to this city. I need a hotel or I don’t. I need a rental car or I don’t. Rocketrip calculates the Price to Beat and you get that at the same time as SAP Concur gives you the search results.

Bottom Line

NuVasive isn’t spending half of that money we used to spend on travel and our travelers are pleased to get the other half of that money.

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We joined Rocketrip with the goal of empowering employees while achieving savings on top of and in tandem with the cost control provided by our existing policy guidelines and procurement efforts. at

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The biggest surprise was the number of employees who wanted to stay with friends.

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