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Business savings. Personal rewards.

Rocketrip propels your travel program
to new heights, delivering happier travelers and transparent performance data.

Custom Calibration

Our Price to Beat algorithm is calibrated to your travel program based on:

  • 12 months of historical data
  • Your unique travel policies
  • Your negotiated rates and preferred suppliers
  • Consultation and validation with your travel

Rewards for Spending Less

We recommend options below the Price to Beat during searches in your online booking tool.

Common saver scenarios include:

  • Business class downgrades
  • Selecting an earlier flight
  • Staying with friends and family

Real-Time Insights

We integrate traveler behavioral data with your online booking tool and TMC data for custom reports. You’ll have access to:

  • Detailed spend by department, route, and traveler.
  • Real-time visibility into active trips and traveler locations
  • U.S. government travel alerts, to monitor emerging or ongoing risks by region.
  • Customizable alerts for tracking spend above policy.

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Total savings on business travel.


Higher online booking tool adoption.


Hotel attachment rates.

Most importantly, travelers report feeling “empowered, appreciated, and in control.”


"Love Rocketrip! Adds a major layer of fun to business travel."

Jeanette F. Rocketrip Traveler

"Honestly, Rocketrip has been one of the few bright spots for me during this pandemic. I’ve been able to get things delivered via Amazon instead of venturing out."

Kelly L. Rocketrip Traveler

"I love Rocketrip. Honestly, it even increased my personal job satisfaction; it was a "win-win" where I was saving my company money, while also being rewarded for… [finding] that better deal."

Lance B. Rocketrip Traveler

"Just getting back from paternity leave. We traded in our Rocketrip points to buy almost all of the missing stuff we needed from our baby registry! It was awesome… I love Rocketrip."

Jake M. Rocketrip Traveler

Real rewards
real stories

Kathryn W. redeemed a $500.00 reward for and shared the following story:

"I'm using my rewards to purchase a bouncy water structure for my 3 grandchildren to enjoy while they are sheltered in their own home and backyard away from COVID19 exposure!"

"Gifted a friend in need a Target card after they lost their job to help cover groceries for a couple weeks." -- Greg G., Rocketrip Traveler

Jiexun G. gifted 500 Rocketrip points to Kim-Thao N. and shared the following story:

"Happy shopping! I am very thankful to all your contributions to the team this year! Happy holidays to you and your family!"

Ready, set, get rewards.

Travelers can exchange their Rocketrip points for exclusive rewards in our ever-expanding Rewards Store. Points can be redeemed for hundreds of options that include services, merchandise, experiences and even charitable donations. With the power to save in their hands, travelers have more freedom to earn and enjoy rewards.

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