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Feld Entertainment Boosts Morale While Saving 24% With Rocketrip


Reduction in flight, hotel, and rental car spending


Average savings per trip

35% to 88%

OBT adoption with Concur Travel went from around 35% to 88%

We joined Rocketrip with the goal of empowering employees while achieving savings on top of and in tandem with the cost control provided by our existing policy guidelines and procurement efforts. at

Christine Zajda Director of Procurement, Sourcing and Travel at Feld Entertainment

Feld Entertainment is the worldwide leader in producing live touring family entertainment. With extensive travel required for each production, Feld Entertainment has millions of dollars in annual travel expenses overseen by its sourcing, procurement, and travel departments. Watch our case study with Concur and Feld here.

Why Rocketrip?

Before implementing Rocketrip, Feld Entertainment already had a highly-developed travel management program with a procurement department that negotiated significant discounted rates with preferred airlines, hotels, and other travel vendors. The nature of touring productions came with additional complexities, such as a high volume of weekend travel, extended trip durations, and special allowances for equipment transport. The company saw an opportunity to enhance their culture by rewarding employees while substantially reducing costs.

Custom Budgets

Rocketrip creates definitive spending benchmarks based on available rates for flights, hotels, trains, and rental cars. By incorporating Feld Entertainment’s negotiated rates for a given itinerary, as well as their travel policy’s spending allowances, Rocketrip provides a precise estimate of how much a trip should cost.

Savings Incentives

Rocketrip allows Feld Entertainment to incentivize employees to spend less on their trips by letting them keep a portion of the savings. Employees get real rewards for making budget-friendly travel decisions, such as booking in advance, using a low-cost carrier, or avoiding hotel costs by staying with friends or family.

Happy Travelers

Business travel is as tough on employees as it is on company budgets. By giving employees the choice to earn things like Nike and Sephora gift cards, free plane tickets, and even extra spending money, Rocketrip helped boost the morale of Feld Entertainment employees. They feel empowered, appreciated, and in control.

Bottom Line

Feld Entertainment saved on average, $289 per trip while giving employees more choice and the satisfaction of rewards. The travel and procurement team prioritized new user training, instructing each traveling employee about the savings best practices that would allow them to earn more points. Feld Entertainment’s spending on airfare decreased 17% across comparable routes. The effect on hotel spending was even more dramatic: Rocketrip users spent 54% less than their historical averages.

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