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Rocketrip and Concur for Business Travel

There’s a lot that goes into managing corporate travel. A single organization might have separate tools that employees use to book trips, submit expenses, and manage their itineraries. On the back end, finance and travel managers often rely on multiple data sources to track spending and satisfy compliance requirements

Rocketrip brings together all the pieces of the business travel puzzle. Here’s a look at how Rocketrip works with one of the most widely used travel and expense management tools, Concur.

What’s Rocketrip?

Rocketrip is the world’s leading technology platform for reducing corporate travel expenses. By letting employees keep half of what they save their companies on flights, hotels, trains, and rental cars, Rocketrip motivates responsible spending.

What’s Concur?

Concur is a suite of tech solutions for travel, expense, and invoice management. Employees can use Concur’s desktop and mobile apps to book travel, submit expenses for reimbursement, and organize their itineraries. Employers use Concur to monitor travel policy compliance and to feed employee expense data into their accounting and enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems.

Why do clients use both Rocketrip and Concur?

Clients use Rocketrip in conjunction with Concur’s expense and/or booking tool to achieve additional cost control, policy compliance, and analytic insights into their travel management programs, while also giving employees a valuable perk. 

Rocketrip offers three key benefits:

Travel Savings – Rocketrip helps companies get their T&E spend under control using smart trip budgets and meaningful saving incentives. Our platform’s algorithms give employees a personalized Budget to Beat before every trip. The calculation is informed by:

  • The employee’s itinerary.
  • A company’s travel policy.
  • Real-time prices and availability.
  • Any negotiated rates a company has with preferred airline and hotel brands.

A Budget to Beat is the most accurate forecast of what a given trip is expected to cost at the time of booking. Rocketrip gives business travelers clear guidelines for what’s reasonable to spend, then motivates them to go above and beyond to spend less. 

A Culture of Responsible Spending – When employees come in under budget, they earn rewards which are redeemable for cash and gift cards. Rocketrip gives business travelers a fair trip budget and a real incentive to spend company money as carefully as they do their own.

Powerful Reporting – Rocketrip’s Admin Dashboard takes data from thousands of individual trips and turns it into a complete picture of a company’s travel spend. Finance, HR, and travel management teams use Rocketrip to see which employees, departments, and booking behaviors are driving travel costs. Rocketrip’s not just a way to reward employees for smart decisions: it’s all-in-one platform for managing travel spending, policy compliance, and duty of care requirements.

Duty Of Care – COVID features – Rocketrip added many features and functionality to support travel managers during COVID. A Covid dashboard, airline and hotel cleanliness reports are just a few examples. 

How is booking handled?

Rocketrip isn’t a booking platform, but our platform is 100% configurable to fit each client’s workflow. Concur-specific integrations create a seamless user-experience, from trip budgeting and booking, to expense reimbursement and reward redemption.

When employees books through Concur’s online booking tool (OBT), Rocketrip’s browser extension allows them to generate a Budget to Beat right as they search for itineraries. This workflow is especially common for clients that have special vendor rates negotiated by a travel management company (TMC) and/or that centralize billing through a shared corporate card. 

Rocketrip also improves the user-experience for employees who book their trips outside of Concur’s OBT. When an employee books on a travel website, they can simply forward receipts to Rocketrip, and Rocketrip will automatically push the receipts into Concur Expense. This eliminates expense reporting work for the employee, and increases spending visibility for the company.

How is expense reporting handled?

Rocketrip pushes all relevant expense data into Concur’s receipt store, eliminating the need for employees to upload receipts to Concur during expense submission. Receipts are also attached to the quick expense item as receipt images ready to import.

Does Rocketrip work for clients who don’t use Concur?

Yes, Rocketrip is entirely platform agnostic, meaning it integrates with all major booking tools, expense reporting systems, and TMCs. Rocketrip also works for companies with unmanaged employee travel.

If you’d like to learn more about how Rocketrip could help your company optimize its travel management systems, schedule a product demo today.

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