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The Culture Around Corporate Travel is Changing

Reward programs have become an important part of the travel programs of many Fortune 500 companies, helping reduce overall travel costs and empowering employees.

As business travel returns, managing costs will once again be an important company priority. But just as important as the expense side of the equation, companies are looking for ways to reduce the stress of getting back on the road for employees.

Rewards platforms have become an important part of the travel programs of many Fortune 500 companies and an accepted part of an effective overall corporate travel policy that empowers employees to make travel decisions that align with corporate goals and targets.

As more companies adopt these practices, decisions makers evaluating rewards platforms will become more and more comfortable with the idea of employee incentives.

A properly managed travel incentive program contributes to the idea that corporate travel can be enjoyable, and yes, even fun.

Expanding the concept to other areas of business travel

There is continued interest throughout the industry to expand the concept of positive reinforcement into other areas of business travel, like hotel stays, for example.

Travelers, after all, are already used to earning frequent flyer points, hotel frequent stay points, and car rental points.

It makes sense to expand incentive programs to accommodate other aspects of corporate travel and empower employees to make the choices that align with corporate goals.

Rewards programs that reduce overall travel costs benefit companies, while at the same time making the companies more attractive to current and potential employees. In the end, allowing companies to recruit and retain the best talent.

To learn more about how Fortune 500 companies are using the Rocketrip Rewards platform to reduce stress and make business travel something to look forward to, read our corporate travel cases studies here.

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