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What to Expect from a Great Enterprise Support Team

While most enterprise tech companies offer some level of support to help employees using the platform, it’s important to scope out the quality of their support teams before championing a solution. Otherwise, your administrators will feel like they are playing whack-a-mole between managing the platform and triaging employee questions. From our experience building and managing Rocketrip’s Customer Support team, we’ve learned that there are a few key components which separate a good support team from a great one: ease of contact, personalized support, and proactive outreach.

(Editor’s note: Danny and Jordan didn’t want to brag loudly enough, so we will on their behalf. To date, Rocketrip Support has a 98% satisfaction rate!)

Although this is based heavily on our conversations with travelers and enterprise travel program admins, the support team features we’ll detail below can apply to any software you might be considering. Our hope is that by highlighting the hallmarks of a great support team, you will be empowered during any future enterprise software evaluations.

Great support is easy to reach

One of the most frustrating customer service experiences is being put on hold for an outrageous amount of time. Your mind starts to wonder, “Should I try calling again? Will I ever get to speak with a human?” 

Rocketrip support - immediate resolution on a weekend

A great customer support team is easy to reach and fast to resolve issues when you do reach them. In the example of enterprise travel technology, if your employees are traveling for work 365 days a year, support should be available 365 days a year. Instead of speaking to chatbot after chatbot, employees should be able to connect with another person who can help them within a few minutes. (At Rocketrip, our average response time is under two minutes for live chats and less than one hour for emails.)

When vetting a support team, go to a company’s website and see how easy it is to get connected with a real person. If it takes more than a few minutes, or if it’s difficult to contact anyone but a generic form, it’s pretty clear that support might not be a priority for this company. Quick access to support means that you and your employees can focus on attention on important priorities, because you know that the answer to your question is only a few minutes away.

Great support is flexible and personalized

Great customer support also gives employees flexibility in how they can get in touch with the team. In the office (remember those?), an employee may want to just email back and forth with someone while they get on with their other work. On the road, however, that same employee will need more instantaneous support via phone or live chat.

Rocketrip support - prompt, helpful, above and beyond

At Rocketrip, we make our support team easy to get in contact with by providing multiple options, including chat, email, and phone, to help travelers quickly solve their problems both while they’re on the road and in the office. Having multiple touchpoints is the key to ensuring employees can get help when they need it and that admins, who are often working in multiple platforms and short on time, can get answers to their questions in a way that works for them. 

When considering software, look into how many different ways employees and yourself can get in touch with their support team. At a minimum, you should be able to email or call someone to help get answers to your questions. Otherwise, it might be an unnecessarily frustrating experience for employees and yourself to get help with the things you need. 

Great support is proactive

Good support is reactive: you have a question, you email a support team, you get a response back. But great support is proactive: a real person (or perhaps very talented AI) is actively monitoring for issues and letting admins know when something is unusual. 

Rocketrip support - super reactive

At Rocketrip, we’ve learned in order to provide best-in-class support, you should provide both a proactive and personalized approach. Each of our clients not only gets a dedicated account manager, but also a point of primary point of contact on the support team. This person learns the ins and outs of a company’s travel program and serves as a resource for the rest of our support team when interacting with travelers from that company.

When we notice a trend or see there is something going on with a particular trip, we reach out right away to our admins to make sure they are aware. We also reach out directly to individual travelers when we see that they’re in need of help during the booking and rewards process. Rocketrip’s support team actually publishes a weekly internal newsletter that highlights customer trends, feedback, and (of course) praise so that the entire company is invested in customer happiness.

Ultimately, a great support team will make your admins’ days easier and your platform users working effectively. Don’t overlook the strength of support as a key factor in your investment decisions.

Danny Alter and Jordan Knott manage Rocketrip’s Customer Support team, which is currently on a multi-week 100% happiness rating streak.

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