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What to Expect for Corporate Travel in 2017 | e-book

The latest addition to Rocketrip’s resource library will help finance and operations executives get a better handle on their companies’ travel programs at the beginning of the new year.

Our e-book on the corporate travel outlook for 2017 explains what factors will influence corporate travel spending in the year ahead, and recommends policy responses that can reduce a company’s expenses. It contains:

  • Price projections for airfares and hotel rates.
  • Explanation of the trends that are shaping business travelers’ evolving preferences.
  • Actionable recommendations for how to update a travel program to achieve better cost control and employee satisfaction.

A typical business trip in 2017 will look very different from those taken only a few years ago. Companies must adapt their travel management practices accordingly. Conventional methods for controlling spending and ensuring policy compliance need to be evaluated in light of the new ways that employees prefer to travel. Rocketrip’s e-book, What to Expect for Corporate Travel in 2017 is the perfect starting point for a smarter approach to T&E in the year ahead. 


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