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Travel Industry Roundup | November 4

In this week’s roundup, we take a look at three surveys that reveal a little bit about business traveler preferences.


Travelers Willing to Pay for a Personalized Flight Experience

The Sabre corporation has released the results of new research on how consumers around the world make travel purchasing decisions, in particular, how they view airline ancillary fees. Eighty percent of travellers surveyed said they currently pay for extras such as checked luggage, additional legroom, or in-flight WiFi. These travellers spent an average of $62 in ancillaries on their last flight, but indicated they’d be willing to spend closer to $100 if the extra service was sufficiently personalized.


What Drives Traveler Loyalty?

A survey conducted by Facebook sheds light on the reasons why consumers feel brand loyalty toward certain airlines. A Tnooz synopsis of the survey’s findings says that “travel loyalty is driven by trust and by emotive values,” even more than price. Perhaps surprisingly, Millennials are “ generally as likely as Boomers to be travel brand loyalists,” though perceptions of outdated customer service channels act as “unique barriers” to Millennials building travel brand loyalty.


Work-Life Balance for Business Travelers

For frequent business travelers, work-life balance can seem like an impossible dream. Mobile technology has made it easier to stay in touch on the road, and harder to resist the pressure to remain permanently on the clock. A new survey from the Association of Corporate Travel Executives shows how work-life balance is becoming a new point of emphasis in travel management. For instance, 23% of travel managers included the survey indicated travellers are seeking time off as compensation for time spent on the road. ACTE also asked business travelers about the reasons for their travel: the most common was “maintaining customer relationships,” followed by “internal meetings,” and “new business / sales.”

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