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What We Launched: Earth Day Feature Release

Today is Earth Day, and we take making the world a better place seriously as Rocketrippers. As a member of our Social Responsibility committee, I’m excited to announce our newest Insights Dashboard addition: Carbon Footprint Reporting

In the coming weeks, we’ll be working with customers to help incorporate this new, real-time data into their internal reporting and savings goals. Among other insights, this new report will show the reduced carbon footprint of travelers choosing to stay with friends and family versus in a hotel. This option is already popular with many Rocketrip Travelers looking to maximize their rewards and their company savings; now it will be clear how these choices within a travel program also impact the environment.

Rocketrip Travelers looking to do good can also redeem their points for the charity of their choice, through the Charity On Top option in our Rewards Store. Some of my favorite charities working year-round on hunger issues and climate change are Food Empowerment Project and A Well-Fed World

rocketrip charitable giving

This is the first of a larger roadmap project to continue building sustainability into the Rocketrip platform (in fact, my team also presented a new sustainability idea in today’s virtual Hackathon). Subscribe to our blog newsletter to stay up to date on all our feature news and industry POVs.

Lydia Cohen Harris is a Customer Support Specialist at Rocketrip.

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