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Tice Pell Joins Rocketrip as VP of Sales

We’re pleased to announce that Tice Pell is joining Rocketrip as VP of Sales. Tice will lead our growing sales team as it brings employee-centric business travel to companies around the world. A self-described “frugal business traveler,” Tice is looking forward to helping fellow road warriors earn rewards for spending smart.

Rocketrip Names Tice Pell VP of Sales

NEW YORK – November 2, 2015 – has named Tice Pell Vice President of Sales. A proven sales executive with over 15 years of experience in the tech industry, Pell will develop and lead Rocketrip’s world-class sales organization.Pell joins Rocketrip with over 15 years of experience at Trulia, and other leading tech companies

Pell joins Rocketrip after eight years at venture-funded Trulia, which was acquired by Zillow Group in February 2015. As Director of Strategic Partnerships, Pell led a high-performing sales team that brought online marketing solutions to clients across the real estate industry. Earlier in her career, Pell honed her sales skills in the San Francisco Bay Area at, Equilar and She earned her bachelor’s degree from Princeton University.

“Tice has the drive, talent and leadership experience we need to bring Rocketrip to the world’s most innovative companies,” said Dan Ruch, CEO of Rocketrip. “In the last two years, we’ve demonstrated that rewarding employees for positive behavior can drive far more powerful results, both financially and culturally, than any company policy could ever realize. We’ve proven out the model, and I’m thrilled that Tice is joining us to help us scale to the next level.”

“When employees get to keep a portion of the savings they generate, their approach to business travel changes dramatically. That is what makes Rocketrip so powerful: their passionate team has figured out how to transform company culture,” said Pell. “As a frugal and frequent business traveler, I could have racked up a lot of Rocketrip points over the past 15 years. I’m excited to give fellow road warriors that opportunity.”

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