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The Finance Exec’s Guide to Reducing T&E Expenses

Employee travel touches all areas of a business’ operations, from HR and procurement, to sales, account services, and the other departments that at any given time are likely to have team members on the road. But it’s the finance department that arguably has the most at stake from the success or failure of a company’s travel management practices.

Rocketrip and Concur have just published an introductory guide that will give CFOs, VPs of Finance, corporate controllers, and other key stakeholders within a company’s finance department the background knowledge they need to create a cost-effective, employee-friendly travel program.

Though travel and entertainment (T&E) is one of the largest controllable expense categories, finance executives often hesitate target it for cost reductions. In part, this missed opportunity results from a natural reluctance to commit the time and resources of the finance department to overseeing employee travel spending. But managing business travel doesn’t have to distract from managing other areas of the business. Finance executives can efficiently revamp their company’s travel program by focusing on a few key objectives.

Ready to get started? Download our e-book, Cost-Saving Methods for T&E Expenses today.


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