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Six Ted Talks Every CFO Should Watch

At Rocketrip, we can’t help but notice that the companies most likely to lead their industries are those with leaders who never stop learning. As Dan Ruch, our founder and CEO explains: “No matter what area of the enterprise, innovation begins with new ideas.” Here are six TED Talks sure to expand any numbers person’s intellectual horizons, whatever one’s reason for tuning in.

1. If you want to be a better decision-maker: “How to make hard choices”

In a captivating 14-minute talk, philosopher Ruth Chang offers advice on how to make important choices. Her approach, in a nutshell, involves changing our approach to how we examine the dilemmas we face and the solutions we apply—not least by choosing options that reflect our best selves.   

2. If you’re anxious to manage stress: “How to stay calm when you know you’ll be stressed”

In addition to providing a research-based understanding of stress, neuroscientist David Levitin offers practical suggestions for preventing and managing anxiety, pressure and tension—focusing in no small part on the workplace. Give him 12 minutes and he’ll give you a head start on lowering your blood pressure.

3. If you want to communicate better: “10 Ways To Have A Better Conversation”  

Even adopting one of radio host Celeste Headlee’s useful rules will have a dramatic effect on your communication skills at work. Honesty, brevity, clarity, and listening feature prominently throughout this 12-minute talk.

4. If you want to improve perceptions of you: “Body language, the power is in the palm of your hands”

In this 14-minute TEDx talk, psychology professor Allan Pease examines the messages we convey through our physical presence, encouraging people to use body language that will not only help gain confidence but also make others feel comfortable in their presence.

5. If you’d like to think more creatively: “The surprising habits of original thinkers”

Organizational psychologist Adam Grant explores procrastination and how it impacts one’s ability to think creatively. In 15 fascinating minutes, Grant outlines three beneficial habits of original thinkers that will help individuals succeed in both personal and professional endeavors.

6. If you want to be a better leader: “5 ways to lead in an era of constant change”

Using a people-first approach, author and organization guru Jim Hemerling needs just 13 minutes to outline a handful of rules for effective leadership in a rapidly changing corporate environment.




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