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Six Podcasts Every HR Pro Should Know

At Rocketrip, we can’t help but notice that the companies most likely to lead their industries are those whose leaders never stop learning. As Dan Ruch, our founder and CEO explains: “No matter what area of the enterprise, innovation begins with new ideas.” Here are six podcasts sure to expand any HR professional’s intellectual horizons, whatever one’s reason for tuning in.

1. If you want to look like you have a clue: HR Happy Hour

Steve Boese’s podcast is the longest running and top-downloaded HR podcast for good reason. Co-chair of the HR Technology Conference, Boese ropes in an eclectic and always compelling mix of guests while covering the broadest range of topics, from the latest hot button issues to challenges that have bedeviled HR pros since the function was called “Personnel.”

Gateway episode: “HR Happy Hour 330 – Why is Hiring Still So Hard? (And How to Make It Easier)”

2. If you want to stay ahead of the game: Nine to Thrive

From the Human Capital Institute, a rotating crew of hosts and guests wade into a variety of newsy HR topics, from  the latest research to current trends like the #MeToo movement. Episodes are generally no longer than 15 minutes, making it easy to binge a few on, say, the way to work or while working out.

Gateway episode: “Learning, Engagement: Do More for the Modern Workplace.”

3. If you think health is the road to career happiness: Redesigning Wellness

Jen Arnold, RD/LDN, shares her secrets to creating a healthy workplace for employees. She gives tips on how to keep employees engaged in wellness practices, and also explores the evolution of “wellness” and what it means to people today.

Gateway episode: “107: Next Generation Wellness: From Theory to Practice with Rebecca Johnson & Jen Arnold”

4. If you want to go back to school without going back to school: DriveThru HR
Mike VanDervort breaks down bread-and-butter HR topics—e.g., recruiting, talent management, leadership, organizational culture—in 30 minutes episodes that move quickly. Guests join in to give their take on the topic of the week and VanDevort works closely with SHRM to bring you the most relevant, trending information.

Gateway episode: “Rayanne Thorn on #SHRM15, New Beginnings and Overcoming Obstacles”

5. If you fancy yourself a forward thinker: Recruiting Future

Cynical HR vets grumble that there’s nothing new under the sun, but Matt Alder is here to disagree, guiding listeners through the newest innovations in the field, through interviews with innovators themselves.

Gateway episode: “Ep 142: The Real Trends in Recruiting Technology”

6. If you like to think outside the box: The Tim Ferriss Show

True, Tim Ferriss’ podcast—the top business offering on iTunes— isn’t geared towards human resources, but when guests like Peter Thiel and Ariana Huffington discuss their career tracks and life hacks, there are plenty of lessons that creative HR pros can apply to work and career.  

Gateway episode: “Scott Belsky — How to Conquer the Messy Middle (#336)”


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