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Six Podcasts For The Curious CFO

At Rocketrip, we can’t help but notice that the companies most likely to lead their industries are those whose leaders never stop learning. As Dan Ruch, our founder and CEO explains: “No matter what area of the enterprise, innovation begins with new ideas.” Here are six podcasts sure to expand any CFO’s intellectual horizons.

1. If you’re looking to ease into work-related podcasts: CFO Thought Leader

Longtime business journalist Jack Sweeney hosts this particularly lively podcast, conducting probing interviews with men and women who have something instructive to say about managing growth. Every few days Sweeney debuts a new discussion on topics ranging from culture building to the future of compensation.

Gateway episode: “Listening to Millennials,” Johanna Richman, CFO, ASPCA

2. If you’re looking to nerd out on finance: CFO Podcasts

From the folks behind CFO Magazine, this series tackles everything from “Climate change and insurance” to “The Pros and Cons of Automating Financial Reporting.” Relaxing? Maybe not. Helpful, without doubt.

Gateway episode: “Big Success With Big Data.”

3. If you’re curious what your C-Suite peers think: The Bottom Line: BBC radio

British economist Evan Davis moderates a weekly conversation that is an entertaining melange of debate, advice, and thoughtful considerations of the industry-related questions of the day.

Gateway episode: “Should CEOs have term limits?”

4. If you’re among the 12.6% of CFOs who are women: The Broad Experience

In this must-listen for the career woman, Ashley Milne-Tyte doesn’t shy away from the difficult and awkward topics. Work-life balance, the glass ceiling, sexual harassment—Milne-Tyte, a financial journalist and former radio producer, covers it all, and pulls no punches as she goes.

Gateway episode: “Does Your Partner Support Your Success?”

5. If you need advice: Dear HBR

Co-hosts Alison Beard and Dan McGinn tackle all kinds of office dilemmas in this relatable and entertaining podcast that gives listeners the chance to submit their own thorny workplace questions for on-air examination.

Gateway episode: “Office romances.”

6. If you’re looking for something a little different: Freakonomics Radio

Okay, this one isn’t as obviously CFO-relevant as some of the others on this list, but its prime directive— challenging long-held ideas—can certainly spark a rethink of traditional workplace practices. Co-creator of the Freakonomics brand Stephen J. Dubner entertains a wide range of interests from the economics of sleep to how to become proficient at, well, basically anything.

Gateway episode: “I wasn’t stupid enough to say this could be done overnight.”


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