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Seven TED Talks Every HR Pro Should Binge

At Rocketrip, we can’t help but notice that the businesses most likely to live at the cutting edge of their industries are those with employees who never stop learning. As Dan Ruch, our founder and CEO, explains: “No matter what area of the enterprise, innovation begins with new ideas.” With that said, here are seven TED Talks that will broaden any HR professional’s intellectual horizons, whatever the reason for watching. And fear not, they’re all SFPA (safe for passing along).

1. If you want to improve your conflict resolution techniques: Finding Confidence in Conflict

In this TEDx  Talk, Kwame Christian, director of the American Negotiation Institution, compellingly argues for all the ways conflict impacts our lives—personally and professionally. After examining the psychology behind conflict, he offers helpful suggestions for achieving resolution.

2. If you want to be a better talker: How to Speak so People Will Want to Listen

In this refreshingly original—and wildly popular—Talk, sound & communications expert Julian Treasure illuminates the persuasive power we wield—and waste—through our voices. Treasure outlines his “7 Deadly Sins of Speaking” and then discusses how to tweak vocal inflection to improve communication.

3. If you want to be a better listener: 5 Ways to Listen Better

In this lesser-known Talk, Treasure argues for conscious listening as one of the most overlooked skills. As promised, he offers a handful of tactics to help you become a more attentive listener, but even the most self-assured conversationalist is sure to hear something surprising.

4. If you want to improve your corporate culture: How to Start Changing an Unhealthy Work Environment

In this TEDxOslo Talk, psychotherapist Glenn Rolfsen explains why it can be difficult to change a toxic work environment and analyzes the factors that contribute to a negative workplace. Don’t worry—he ends on a high note, describing a handful of techniques that anyone can use to orchestrate more collaborative efforts.

5. If you want to kickstart your company’s recruiting: Why the Perfect Hire Might Not Have the Best Resume

HR pro Regina Hartley warns that a lack of relevant job experience too often leads to the rejection of great candidates. She suggests focusing on grit instead, explaining that this intangible may well be of greater value than other more “relevant” experience.

6. If you want to be an effective interviewer: How to Ask Better Questions

In this TEDxMileHigh talk, The Regis Company CEO Mike Vaughan teaches you how to ask questions that elicit the kinds of meaningful answers that reveal as much about the respondent as the subject being addressed.

7. If you’re looking for the truth: How to Spot a Liar

Though most of us stretch the truth throughout the day, some lies are more consequential than others—not least in the hiring process. In this popular Talk, author Pamela Meyer reveals the tricks of the trade of those trained to recognize deception. Although far from foolproof, these insights would be a useful part of any HR professional’s toolkit.

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