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Announcing the Rocketrip Browser Extension

We’re excited to announce a major new product feature that brings together all the steps in Rocketrip users’ travel planning. Our browser extension lets business travelers create trip budgets, review their itineraries, and chat with Rocketrip support directly from their preferred booking sites.

You can read the full announcement below, and if you’d like to learn more about how Rocketrip is making business travel easier, schedule a product demo today!



Rocketrip Unveils Browser Extension at Money20/20

LAS VEGAS – October 27, 2015 – Rocketrip, a platform that rewards employees for saving money on business travel, today unveiled its new Rocketrip for Chrome browser extension at Money20/20 in Las Vegas. A powerful web browser tool, the extension enables employees to create their Budget to Beat, book travel and rack up rewards for saving, regardless of whether they use a consumer booking site or managed travel platform. Current Rocketrip customers will find that the Rocketrip extension eliminates steps, saves time and increases employee adoption.

Rocketrip motivates business travelers to save money on trips by rewarding them with points that can be redeemed for gift cards, cash cards and travel perks. For each itinerary, Rocketrip generates a personalized “Budget to Beat” based on real-time prices for flights, hotels, trains and rental cars. When employees book under budget, they split the savings with their company and earn Rocketrip points. On average, companies that use Rocketrip save 30 percent on Travel and Expenses (T&E).

The Rocketrip extension takes the booking process outside of Rocketrip’s portal and into the travel booking sites that employees prefer to use. The extension detects when users visit a travel site and asks if they are booking a business trip. If the user clicks yes, the Rocketrip extension will automatically generate a Budget to Beat based on the dates and location the user enters into the booking site.

For instance, if an employee searches on Kayak or Expedia for a four-day business trip from New York to San Francisco, the extension will note these parameters and create a Budget to Beat on the fly. That way, the employee can see this budget while reserving a flight or hotel. Previously, employees generated this budget on before visiting booking sites. Thus, the extension saves time and makes sure that employees see their potential rewards as they’re making travel decisions.

Notably, the Rocketrip extension also works for companies that use managed travel programs rather than the open market. If employees are required to book through a website provided by a business travel agency or travel management company (TMC), the extension can still generate a Budget to Beat and reward cost-sensitive choices. Currently, the extension is compatible with Google Chrome, and Rocketrip will add support for all major web browsers by the end of 2015.

“At core, Rocketrip is a behavioral economics platform that encourages cost-sensitivity. By introducing our new browser extension, we’ve eliminated friction and have created a more automated system that works with travelers in real-time, on the travel websites they already love to use,” said Dan Ruch, founder and CEO of Rocketrip. “We figured out a way for employees to save the company money and earn rewards without changing anything else about the way they book travel.”

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