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Rocketrip Copilot Rewards Admins for Saving on Business Travel

At its core, Rocketrip is a way to cut corporate travel costs by aligning incentives. When employees get to keep half of what they save on their trips, they spend company money as carefully as they do their own. Today we’re announcing a new feature that drives even greater savings by ensuring that every trip is arranged in a cost-effective manner.

Rocketrip Copilot rewards administrative assistants for booking travel under budget. When admins book trips on behalf of other employees, they can now earn a percentage of the savings they achieve for their companies. 

Nearly half of all business travelers have someone else book trips on their behalf. For some of our larger clients in the Fortune 500, it’s common for admins to handle travel arrangements for entire teams of employees. Rocketrip Copilot introduces a powerful incentive for admins to book affordable options.

How It Works

Copilot allows a company to adapt Rocketrip’s saving split model to fit its needs.

In the most common use case, a traveling employee who books her own trip and comes in under her Rocketrip Budget to Beat will split the savings with her company 50-50. With Copilot, if an admin books the trip, he or she can share in the savings too. Companies can specify how much of the savings generated should go back to the admin who booked the trip – typically 10 to 20 percent of the total savings.

Whether an admin books trips for several colleagues or just one, the rewards can add up quickly. And for Rocketrip client companies, the savings add up too. Copilot increases use of affordable travel options, helping to reduce average trip cost by 30%.

We often describe Rocketrip as a “win-win” approach to business travel. With Copilot, it’s more like a “win-win-win” approach. If you’d like to learn more about cutting your company’s travel costs through smart incentives, get in touch with the Rocketrip team to see our platform in action.

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