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Rocketrip at the 2016 GBTA Convention

Earlier this month, the Global Business Travel Association held its annual convention in Denver. With a lineup of keynote speakers that included an Emmy winner (Julia Louis-Dreyfus), a Super Bowl MVP (Peyton Manning), and the world’s most famous twin not named Mary-Kate or Ashley (NASA astronaut Scott Kelly), GBTA 2016 was one of the very few corporate travel industry events that could credibly be described as “star-studded.”

Rocketrip’s Dan Ruch was there too. What he lacks in Emmy awards, Super Bowl victories, and experience commanding the International Space Station, Dan more than makes up for in business travel expertise.

He sat down with GBTA to discuss:

  •  Why business travel is becoming more employee-centric.
  • How Rocketrip motivates business travelers to spend less on their trips.
  • Why innovation in consumer travel has outpaced innovation in corporate travel, and what implications that has for businesses.
  • Why companies need travel policies that adapt to employees’ booking habits and vendor preferences.
  • Why new technologies have the potential to reduce corporate travel expenses.



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