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New Launch: Business Redemptions Help Our Travelers Work Remotely

With almost all business travel restricted to mission-critical right now, and with most office workers fully remote, there’s a lot of tips going around for how to successfully work from home. We’ve been sharing our favorite tips internally on Slack, along with photos of our Rocketrip remote offices (and pets) to maintain a sense of community.

Cats Always Work from Home

A Rocketrip Customer Support team member has a professional setup and less professional assistant.

We quickly realized that many Rocketrip team members from HQ did not have all the tools they’d need to remote work comfortably, including a desk or footstool or back support — and we thought many of our Rocketrip users might be in a similar situation. That’s why I’m excited to announce the launch of Rocketrip’s Business Redemptions feature.

What are Rocketrip Business Redemptions?

This feature helps travelers redeem tax-free Rocketrip points on business-related expenses that will not get company reimbursement. 

Rocketrip Amazon Reward

Here’s how it works:

  1. Travel managers and program admins can work with their Customer Success Managers to opt into this feature. 
  2. Travelers redeem points as usual, but now can select a ‘Business Redemption’ option when redeeming for a business-related expense that will not be otherwise reimbursed by the company. This option is available on gift cards in the travel, experience, and food space, as well as for Amazon and Visa gift cards. 
  3. Travelers will automatically be sent an emailed receipt to file with their taxes.

Some examples of how travelers (including my own colleagues) have used Business Redemptions so far? Purchasing a monitor and office chair for their home, noise-cancelling headphones for calls at home, and online continuing education classes. 

Wash Your Hands!

Our VP of Marketing shares a home office setup and helpful reminder.

Why are we launching this feature?

Business Redemptions were one of the biggest asks from our U.S. travelers and administrators. We’re so happy to be able to deliver this benefit at a time when many of us have home office wishlists to make remote work more effective or comfortable. State tax laws vary, but utilizing this redemption feature for business-related expenses can help travelers get up to 35% more value from their Rocketrip rewards.

To our Rocketrip community: we’re looking forward to hearing your feedback on this feature and seeing your redemption stories at #MyRocketripRewards. 

Dana Fleishaker is a Senior Product Manager at Rocketrip.

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