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Give your travelers more ways to make money-saving choices.

With Rocketrip, spending less on business travel is always rewarding.

How do we do it?


Dynamically forecast
the cost of each trip.

Our technology forecasts a Price to Beat for every itinerary, based on your organization’s unique travel policy, pre-Rocketrip spend, and real-time market pricing.


Change behavior,
not the booking process.

Rocketrip recommends money-saving travel options from directly within your existing online booking tool — our enterprise clients typically see 20-30% annual savings.


Reward people
who spend less.

Travelers who choose to save money on their trips are rewarded with 50% of the savings to redeem on merchandise, experiences, charitable donations and more.

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"Love Rocketrip! Adds a major layer of fun to business travel."

Jeanette F. Rocketrip Traveler

"Honestly, Rocketrip has been one of the few bright spots for me during this pandemic. I’ve been able to get things delivered via Amazon instead of venturing out."

Kelly L. Rocketrip Traveler

"I love Rocketrip. Honestly, it even increased my personal job satisfaction; it was a "win-win" where I was saving my company money, while also being rewarded for… [finding] that better deal."

Lance B. Rocketrip Traveler

"Just getting back from paternity leave. We traded in our Rocketrip points to buy almost all of the missing stuff we needed from our baby registry! It was awesome… I love Rocketrip."

Jake M. Rocketrip Traveler

Meet Rocketrip

Watch our demo video to see how Rocketrip is rewarding for both business travelers and travel programs. Ready, set, save!

Rocketrip puts
the power to save
in the hands of
your employees, elevating your
existing travel

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Traveler-Friendly Savings

Rocketrip controls travel costs beyond the ability of stricter policy changes, enforcement, and negotiated rates — no wonder companies and travelers love us.

Real-time reporting

Rocketrip’s Insights Dashboard makes it easy to report on real-time savings, booking, and behavioral data alongside customizable spend alerts and traveler safety information.

Dedicated Support

Our Customer Success experts support your strategic program goals as an extension of your travel management team. And our Rocketrip Support team has a 98% traveler happiness rating to date.

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Partner Ecosystem

Rocketrip was built to enhance your existing travel tech stack. We have deep partnerships across the travel ecosystem.

Some of
our enterprise

All Success Stories

“We joined Rocketrip with the goal of empowering employees while achieving savings on top of and in tandem with the cost control provided by our existing policy guidelines and procurement efforts. at”

Christine Zajda Director of Procurement, Sourcing and Travel at Feld Entertainment

“Travel used to be a hassle for all parties involved. Now our employees associate it with a benefits program, and they actually get excited about business trips.”

Marc Vernick Business Process and Insights Analyst at Jump Trading