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Why Rocketrip Travelers Find It Rewarding to Give Back

Rocketrip is all about giving travelers more choices — about how they travel, what they’ll earn in rewards, and how they’ll spend those rewards. One of the best parts of working at Rocketrip is seeing how our travelers redeem their rewards points. In fact, we have a Slack channel and section of our website dedicated to celebrating these redemption stories.

How much of an impact have charitable donations had? Since January 2020, Rocketrip travelers have donated 184,750 points to causes close to their hearts. Even as most travelers (thank you to our medical device customers and other essential travelers!) have been grounded since March, we still saw a record spike in charitable giving with Rocketrip points over the same time period. 

We’re even seeing colleagues come together to pool their points and make an even greater impact. I asked Wyatt Slattery, a sales representative at Stemcell and Rocketrip traveler, about why he organized an initiative to pool together points to donate to the CDC Foundation over the summer. Seeing an easy way to boost his team’s morale, Wyatt asked his fellow colleagues to send him over any extra points they might have for donations — using the “gift a colleague” feature of the Rocketrip platform.

He and his colleagues pooled 3,750 points for the CDC Foundation, selected because of how closely it aligned to Stemcell’s mission. “Our company sells lab supplies for disease therapies. I thought that the CDC Foundation aligned a lot with our corporate priorities and had general appeal and importance across all of Stemcell’s offices in the U.S. and Canada,” he told me.

And Wyatt isn’t the only Rocketrip traveler focused on aligning his business trips with doing good. This summer, one of our travelers pooled enough rewards from their colleagues to split 32,500 points equally to the Equal Justice Initiative, Girls Who Code, and Habitat for Humanity. Another one of our clients built charitable giving into their holistic travel program by holding back 10% of their Rocketrip savings to fund company-wide initiatives that keep all their employees connected and happy. 

I love these stories of corporate social responsibility, and I know I’m not alone. According to Great Places to Work, employees who felt like their companies were focused on social responsibility were 11 times more likely to say that they planned to stay with their organizations for the long-term and 14 times more likely to say they look forward to work.

With everything going on in the world, I’m heartened to see the ways people are using their rewards to give back. I’m also proud to know that we here at Rocketrip are helping make it easier for employees to feel more connected to their teams and make the world a better place.

Christine Butchko runs content marketing for Rocketrip.

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