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Rocketrip Launches One-of-a-Kind Business Travel Recommendation Engine

Every time we get an opportunity to speak with travel management professionals, we hear the same complaint: Business travel technology is too difficult to use, and this is a hurdle to wider adoption by travelers. User experiences are not on par with consumer technology in 2019, and we live in a time where workplace technology is expected to keep pace.

At Rocketrip’s core, we are a company focused on behavioral change, and we know this starts with making the business travel booking process as smooth as possible.

That is why we are excited to announce the launch of our industry-first flight and hotel recommendation engine, Rocketrip Recommends, which surfaces search results in companies’ online booking tools that are especially value to travelers. Rocketrip Recommends thereby lowers the barriers for employees to go above and beyond to earn rewards and save their companies money. In fact, hotel spend is already down an average of 33%, or $124 for trips where a recommendation is selected.

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The recommendations are based on corporate preferred vendors, traveler convenience, and reward optimization through Rock’s business travel rewards platform. In a world, where the goals of business travel programs focus increasingly on employee engagement and talent retention, Rocketrip Recommends represents a crucial improvement to the business travel experience and at the same time helps companies achieve their financial and cultural goals.

“Leveraging the principle of choice architecture, Rocketrip Recommends now makes the ordinarily overwhelming experience of selecting a hotel or flight quick and painless — while putting money back in everyone’s pockets,” said Greg Fraser, Chief Product Officer at Rocketrip. “We’re making it easy for business travelers to find travel options that reward them and save their company money.”

Travel managers today face a major challenge in getting employees to adopt technologies such as online booking tools. The problem doesn’t stem from employee desire to continue booking over the phone with travel agents, but from technologies that aren’t user-friendly or traveler-centric. Given Rocketrip’s position in the market as an innovative, third party solution, features like this new recommendation engine greatly enhance these booking tools’ usability. Moreover, they allow companies to overcome this challenge without replacing their existing travel management solutions.

“Rocketrip has already had a very meaningful impact on our program,” said Anshul Maheshwari, Vice President, Treasurer at Varian Medical. “When our employees are traveling, the ability to be productive and enjoy travel is important. Rocketrip Recommends has helped improve our employees’ travel experience and harmonized productivity and happiness.”


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