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A Free Travel Policy Template from Rocketrip

If you’re looking to create a travel and expense policy for your company, you’ve come to the right place. Rocketrip has a number of resources that will help you establish an effective process for managing your employees’ travel booking, spending, and expense reimbursement.

Our free example travel policy takes care of the heavy-lifting and eliminates the need to write your own from scratch. It’s a customizable template that can be tailored to match your organization’s specific requirements

Why You Need a Travel and Expense Policy

For a typical company, travel is the second largest controllable expense category after salary. Given the amount of money at stake, it’s important to have some sort of guidelines in place for managing employee travel.

But where to begin? Just because corporate travel is expensive doesn’t mean that it’s top of mind. Nor should it be: for both employees and company administrators, it’s not a good sign if thinking about business travel is taking up time that could be better spent elsewhere.

An Easy Way to Start

Creating a thorough, clearly-communicated set of rules is the first and most important step to smart travel management. That’s why we’ve put together an example travel and expense policy based on best practices that actual Rocketrip clients are using to reduce their T&E costs and improve employee satisfaction.

Since no two companies have the same travel needs, this template is designed to be customizable. You can use it for inspiration, or as the framework for your own company policy. Just copy, paste, and modify the text to fit your specifications for:

  • Trip approval procedure.
  • Use of online booking tools and corporate travel agents.
  • Spending guidelines for flights, hotels, trains, rental cars, and other major travel expenses.
  • Employee expense reporting requirements.
  • Reimbursement of entertainment and meal costs.

If you have more questions, check out the resources below, and get in touch with the Rocketrip team to learn more about how to cut travel costs 30% by incentivizing employees to save.


Travel and Expense Management Resources

About Rocketrip

Rocketrip is the leading technology platform for reducing corporate travel expenses. By letting employees keep half of what they save on their business trips, Rocketrip motivates conscious spending. The platform’s algorithms integrate a company’s travel policy with real-time trip pricing and availability to create a personalized Budget to Beat for each trip. Employees book using their favorite travel websites or a travel management company, and Rocketrip provides employers with insights and analytics on company spending, savings and employee travel behavior.

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