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New Launch: Rocketrip Adds Hotel and Flight Cleanliness Data

Tech innovation will play a big role in keeping travelers safe as travel picks up — whether it’s as complex as assisting contact tracing efforts or as simple as giving travelers real-time information they need. It’s no surprise that people are already turning to Google for information about travel safety; according to Forbes, searches about hotel cleanliness were up 21,900% in February and March. 

Knowing that travelers will want information about sanitation protocols at their fingertips when making booking decisions, Rocketrip now integrates information about airline and hotel cleaning protocols into the booking process. This means that in addition to being able to choose the most rewarding flight option, travelers are also empowered to easily choose the trip that makes them feel most comfortable about their safety.


How travelers will use this hotel and airline data

When travelers go to search for a trip as they normally would, a broom icon will now pop up within their search results to indicate if a vendor has a new Covid cleanliness policy. Hovering over the icon, travelers can see a short summary of what key cleaning and safety procedures the hotel or airline is taking to ensure their safety. Users can click through a link to the suppliers’ website to get a more detailed explanation of their new protocols and learn more. 

Surfacing this information helps travelers make more informed choices and demonstrates their concerns are being prioritized. According to a recent survey from our partners at BCD:

  • 90% of business travelers said enhanced airport and cabin disinfection was very important to ensuring their safe travel.
  • And 79% said enhanced hotel cleaning was very important.

The benefit to travel managers

Travel managers want to keep their travelers safe and informed. We know that it’s hard to keep track of changing supplier protocols and provide one-off updates to travelers. With this new data from Rocketrip, managers can more easily track how their preferred vendors compare to other suppliers when travel returns.

Highlighting supplier cleaning protocols is just one of many features we’re building to help your teams return to travel safety. Read about our new real-time active booking dashboard here.

Matt Ring is a Lead Product Manager at Rocketrip.

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