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Expense Management and Employee Communication

It’s not easy to involve employees in meaningful conversations about spending. When cost control and employee satisfaction are seen as being in opposition, discussions of budgeting priorities take on an adversarial dynamic.

Changes to expense policies, staffing levels, compensation and benefit plans can easily upset employees – especially because the underlying financial motivations are often difficult to translate to a wider audience. To help minimize the disruptive effects of budget changes, a company needs a plan for how to communicate with employees.

On September 21, Rocketrip’s Dan Ruch will lead a webinar with Dan Figenshu, Senior VP of Finance at Mic, in which they’ll cover:

  • Why employees naturally resist cost control measures.
  • How to assess the impact of changes to budgets and spending policies.
  • How to minimize the disruptive impact of policy changes.

This session will draw on examples relevant to finance professionals, HR professionals, executive leadership teams, and anyone else involved in the budgeting process. You can save your spot using the link below. Can’t make the live event? Don’t worry, all registrants will receive a recording of the presentation.

Webinar: Getting Employees on Board with Budgeting Decisions

Wednesday, September 21
2:00 – 3:00 PM (EDT)

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