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Rocketrip and International SOS Innovate with Duty of Care Integration

Duty of care standards require companies to ensure employees remain safe while traveling for work. Booking through approved channels is essential to maintaining duty of care because without visibility into an itinerary at the time of booking, it’s difficult to track employees and locate them in case of emergency.

While staying with friends or family in lieu of a hotel can help companies save an average of $256 a night, many companies chose to forgo this method of savings due to the difficulty of capturing the necessary data to ensure traveler safety.

To continue serving the growing needs of our clients, we’ve introduced a new integration with International SOS (ISOS). Now, if travelers opt to stay with friends or family instead of a hotel, Rocketrip will prompt the traveler for the location details of their stay and pass that information to ISOS. Companies no longer have to choose between traveler safety and cost savings.

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Rocketrip Announces Duty of Care Integration

Company Expands Platform to Meet Growing Enterprise Customer Needs and Enhance Safty and Security Features for Business Travelers

NEW YORK — November 30, 2017— Rocketrip, the leading technology platform for reducing corporate travel costs, today announced its new duty of care integration with International SOS, the top medical and travel security risk services company. Now through Rocketrip, employers are equipped with the tools to maintain duty of care when employees stay with a friend in lieu of a hotel, and ensure that employees are safe while traveling for work domestically and overseas.

This integration is among the most-requested features from Rocketrip’s enterprise customers, and the framework will allow Rocketrip to easily extend this capability to a number of additional duty of care providers.

“As business travel evolves, it’s important for International SOS to continuously innovate, and our integration with Rocketrip is a prime example of how we’re accomplishing that,” said Tim Daniel, Senior Advisor, Innovation & Business Strategy at International SOS. “Their human-centric approach to corporate travel is very much aligned with how we think about serving the growing needs of our clients.”

“Developing our duty of care integration was a direct response to growing demand from our enterprise customers, especially those with policies that allow employees to stay with a friend instead of at a hotel,” said Dan Ruch, CEO at Rocketrip. “The technical framework we’ve put in place will also allow for seamless integrations with additional duty of care partners to continue providing our clients with the data and solutions they need to maintain world-class employee travel programs.”

Rocketrip’s new duty of care integration will heighten employee security and mitigate risks for those traveling for work. Duty of care standards require companies to ensure the health, safety, and security of their traveling employees. Now Rocketrip customers can access employee trip details, no matter where they’re staying, in order to track and locate employees in case of emergency.

The news today is part of Rocketrip’s ongoing mission to fix an antiquated industry with an innovative approach. Pioneering the Incentivized Behavioral Change movement in corporate travel, Rocketrip is the only system to algorithmically predict what a trip should cost and to provide material incentives to employees for changing their spending behavior. The platform gives business travelers a personalized “Budget to Beat” for each trip based on a company’s travel policy, negotiated rates, and real-time market inventory. Travelers who book under budget earn a share of the savings they generate to spend on things they truly value. Additionally, the Rocketrip Insights analytics dashboard enhances conventional expense reporting by aggregating data from all travel vendors, including airlines, hotels, car rental companies and even Airbnb.

About Rocketrip

Rocketrip reduces business travel costs by aligning employee and employer interests. The platform produces custom trip budgets for employees and motivates them to spend less by letting them keep half of what they save. As the global leader in Incentivized Behavioral Change, Rocketrip inspires thoughtful spending by giving employees a stake in their company’s bottom line. It’s a win-win approach trusted by clients including Pandora, McKesson, and Twitter.

Founded in 2013 and headquartered in New York City, Rocketrip’s investors include Bessemer Venture Partners, Canaan Partners, Genacast Ventures, and Y Combinator. For more information, visit

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