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Rocketrip Launches Data-Driven Ladies Summer Program

It’s well known that there’s a shortage of women in tech. While women make up more than half of today’s workforce, they only hold 28% of proprietary software jobsHowever, data science, business intelligence, and other data-related fields can be a great way to encourage women to join tech companies. Interest in data has soared and women now make up 40% of graduates with statistics degrees.

Rocketrip is launching a free summer program aimed at bright young women interested in pursuing data-related careers. In Rocketrip’s Data-Driven Ladies program, high school girls will develop the critical thinking skills needed to solve big data problems. They’ll work from the ground up to learn to interpret and manipulate data, predict user behavior, and create data visualizations. Students will be introduced to common data analytics tools such as Excel, SQL, and Tableau and at the end of the program, they will complete a project that will solve a real-world business problem.

Applications will be accepted through June 9th. The program will run for six weeks at the Rocketrip office in New York City.

Want more details? Interested in applying? Submit your application today!



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