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Business Travelers Saved $208 Per Trip in 2017

With business travel costing 66% more than leisure travel on a per trip basis, it’s clear that business travelers are relatively price insensitive. When the company is paying for an employee’s flight and accommodations we see shopping considerations shift. Travelers seek out options that provide the most comfort and convenience on their business trip whereas when traveling for leisure, they place a greater value on price.

To promote a culture of cost sensitivity, Rocketrip provides business travelers a budget for what is reasonable to spend on a trip and incentivizes them to spend less.

In 2017 Rocketrip travelers saved their companies millions of dollars. We looked back and analyzed expense data from thousands of business trips to understand how business travelers spent and saved on flights, hotels, trains, and rental cars in the past year. We found that when they stand to earn rewards for spending less on business trips, travelers save $208 per trip on average.

Check out Rocketrip’s 2017 Business Travel Spend Report to see our complete analysis of how incentives motivated extraordinary traveler behavior and drove siginficant savings.



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