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New Active Traveler Dashboard Uses Real-Time Booking Data to Help Keep Employees Safe

Events like COVID-19 have reinforced the importance of ensuring that business travelers are safe and accounted for during every step of their journey. Once business travel returns, traveler health and well-being will be more important than ever. Many travelers will be doing a lot more calculations about their safety and that of their families before hitting the road.

As an organization centered on enhancing employee’s travel experience, we’ve been focused over the past few weeks on how we can best equip companies with the tools and knowledge they’ll need to prioritize traveler safety and allow employees to feel more secure once business travel ramps up again.

Rocketrip already partners with duty of care providers like International SOS to safeguard employees while they’re on the road. As we look forward to the future of business travel, we’re excited to announce the launch of our newest feature to our suite of business travel reporting: the Active Travel Dashboard.

New Rocketrip Launch: The Active Travel Dashboard

Our new Active Travel Dashboard started as a way for travel managers to get real-time visibility into active trips and traveler locations, making it simple for companies to assess on-the-ground situations and communicate contingency plans as needed during the COVID-19 pandemic. The dashboard additionally incorporates all U.S. government travel alerts, so administrators can monitor emerging or ongoing risks.

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Here’s how it works:

  • Travel managers now have access to real-time booking data broken down by individual traveler and transportation mode in their Rocketrip Insights Dashboard. 
  • Travel managers will also see  specific travel advisories and warnings by country to help them identify high-risk trips and about which they may need to communicate with traveler
  • Travel managers will also be able to change the dates of active booking data and export booking data from the dashboard so that they can work with it outside of Rocketrip’s platform as needed.

Rocketrip’s new dashboard was developed with feedback from our enterprise clients, who see this as an important addition to their duty of care programs. One of our client’s noted that with so many essential employees still traveling, the dashboard is helping them have a better view into where their teams are as well as quickly access details on specific trips as needed.

Why will real-time reporting be important post-COVID? 

In the wake of COVID-19, easy-to-see, real-time information on traveler whereabouts will become standard for a best-in-class travel program. As International SOS’s Brenda Davis shared with us in an earlier interview, “Planning for an infectious disease outbreak enables a faster response — the earlier that interventions are implemented, the less likely further transmission occurs, and the quicker the outbreak can be stopped.” 

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While business travel still is mostly at a standstill, Rocketrip is excited to continue adding value for our customers, working alongside our duty of care and travel management company (TMC) partners. We look forward to having more conversations around how we can continue to support customers and their employees in the wake of COVID-19. 

Dana Fleishaker is a Senior Product Manager at Rocketrip.

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