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Introducing a Major Travel Milestone: Multi-Destination Trip Budgets

Here at Rocketrip we’re always looking for ways to improve the business travel experience. Today we’re proud to announce our latest addition to the Rocketrip platform: multi-destination trip budgets including multi-destination hotels. With this update, Rocketrippers will be able to add up to four flights and hotel stays on a single trip, and we’ll provide a Budget to Beat that covers every leg. Rocketrip is the first travel platform to allow for more than one hotel to be included on a multi-destination itinerary. Booking a trip has never been easier!

Let’s take an example. Say our Rocketripper, Charlie, is traveling from New York to Atlanta for a client meeting, then from Atlanta to Chicago for a conference, before returning to New York. Rocketrip’s multi-destination trip budgets mean he can seamlessly arrange his three flights and two hotel stays all at once.

Charlie starts by creating a new trip in his Employee Dashboard:



Next, he adds his flights – selecting the “multi-destination” option.



After that, he enters his accommodation details, making sure that his check-in and check-out dates match up with his flight arrival and departure dates for each city.



Charlie will get one Budget to Beat that covers his entire trip. As always, once he has his budget, he’ll have 24 hours to book travel and submit receipts to



The multi-destination budget option will save Rocketrippers time and effort, both when booking trips and getting them approved for their savings.

Thanks to all the travelers who offered their feedback as we developed this feature! If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our customer success team, either through the chat function on your Dashboard, or at

Happy travels!

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