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#rocketips: Getting Around NYC

Planning a trip to New York City, or already live here? Read on for our favorite savings tips when it comes to traveling into and around the city.

Getting There

Many of our clients have offices in New York and frequently have employees visiting the Big Apple. While flying and taking the train are the most common ways we see Rocketrippers coming into town, some of the biggest savings of all come from employees who opt for a different mode of transportation altogether: driving.

With the recent decrease of gas prices throughout the country, we’re seeing an increase in the amount of clients who opt to drive instead of fly. Significant Rocketrip savings are all the more reason to take advantage of this trend. With Rocketrip, an employee simply books a Budget to Beat for their flight, say from Boston to NYC, and notifies us of their desire to drive instead of fly. After they’ve taken their trip, they send a copy of their gas receipts to Rocketrip users on average save 58% off their flight costs by driving instead of flying. That amounts to some hefty rewards!

Getting Around

Here at Rocketrip we’re all about finding savings while traveling, whether that be on flights, hotels, or even during the daily commute.

While driving to New York City might save you some money, driving in the City is a whole different story. Parking is hugely expensive, and many bridges and tunnels charge tolls that will make out-of-towers do a double take. For instance, taking the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge to Staten Island will cost you $15.00. Better to skip the headache and leave your car at home.

So what’s a visitor to do? New York’s famous taxis are plentiful, sure, but there’s cheaper way to get from point A to B quickly: the subway. But that’s not to say taking the subway is without complications. In New York City, a major inconvenience for most subway commuters is the excess funds left on your MetroCard after that last swipe. The vast majority of commuters can relate to swiping their card one final time, being stopped by the turnstiles, and seeing a frustratingly insignificant $2.45 left on their card, just 5 cents short of the necessary $2.50 for the trip. Fortunately this once painful experience can come to a close.

Thanks to the brains over at I Quant NY, we now have a money-saving solution. When prompted to purchase a MetroCard, instead of choosing one of the suggested options, choose “Other Amounts” and enter $9.55, $19.05, or $38.10. Doing so will ensure an ending balance of $.03, $0, or $.01 respectively, due to the 5% bonus the MTA provides when you purchase a card.

Here’s a chart to break down what these prices will actually get you in terms of rides:


Are these options too limited for you? Here are some more options that may be more specific to your commuter needs. See the highlighted fares if you want to avoid leftover change altogether!


To be extra frugal, always hold on to your MetroCard and refill it instead of purchasing a new one. You’ll save yourself the $1 “tourist charge” it costs to buy a new card, and that alone will quickly add up.

Whether you live in NYC, are considering moving here, or are just visiting the illustrious City that Never Sleeps, remember to keep these #rocketips in mind.

Have your own tips to share? Follow us on Twitter @Rocketrip and use the hashtag #rocketips.

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