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Rocketrip’s Revamped Reporting Suite

Rocketrip’s ‘Launchpad’ is designed to provide visibility and actionable insights into a company’s travel spend. We’ve now released an enhanced experience for our users who manage travel expenses at their organizations. These individuals sit within many different company departments, including finance, operations, product and engineering. The Rocketrip team is excited to provide our customers access to an improved reporting suite, aiming to define a highly customizable travel management tool at their fingertips.

In terms of design, the portal has undergone its biggest face-lift to date. Our guiding principle at Rocketrip is simplicity and ease of use, and last week’s release was no exception. Analytics and customer feedback have always driven how we design products at Rocketrip and the team is already planning out several new features in its next iteration.

The recent release includes features that give users the ability to customize reports based on desired metrics, improved graphics for visualization of saving scenarios, and weekly roll-ups for a snapshot of Rocketrip activity. Customizable reporting embodies Rocketrip’s goal of making business travel personal, allowing a company to generate reports based on unique culture and policy.

We’d also like to give a sneak peek into our upcoming product roadmap. The engineering team is working hard to provide tracking of trips and reward redemptions by employee, enhanced control over alert settings to provide information on travel activity, and other various features as requested by our user base.

Can’t wait to check it out? Contact our sales team for a demo at to learn how you can control and optimize business travel spend, while introducing an employee perk your team will love.

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