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Meet Rocketrip’s Mascot!

After much deliberation over which pet was best suited for our coveted mascot position, we are thrilled to announce Rocketrip’s winner: Hazel the Russell Terrier! Hazel is also the proud recipient of the prestigious Canaan’s K9 of the month title.

Congrats, Hazel!

Here’s her bio, as featured on Canaan’s site:

From putting you at the perfect position to kick her a ball, to proposing cost effective trips to the park, the integrity of Hazel’s energy is unmatched. Hazel usually prefers to work from home, which isn’t typical for most employees, but the executive staff at Rocketrip has made an exception here.

Partnered with her brother, they are a non-stop dynamic duo always chasing a destination (except when seeing a distracting squirrel which puts Hazel in the full, upright, and locked position). This 9-pound mascot of pure muscle is a true disrupter of the conventional workflow, challenging everyone she runs into (or under) to live in the moment, and watch how adorable she is when she begs and plays dead. She is truly a fueled up rocket of endearing fun!

Hazel’s Stats:

  • Breed: Russell Terrier
  • Age: 1 year
  • Weight: 9 lbs
  • Enjoys: “Ball! Where’s my ball?”. If I’m not fetching the ball, I’m using it as a pillow.
  • Tricks: I have an uncanny ability to chuck balls directly underfoot as you walk past, so I can fetch it when you kick it. Also, everyone at Rocketrip loves when I sit in beg, roll over, or play dead.
  • Best feature: Loves traveling for business in a cost effective way and a winning personality!
  • Famous for: Dog modeling, Instagram heroing, and telling everyone about how awesome Rocketrip is 🙂
  • Cool stat: I’m a Brooklyn native and one of Rocketrip’s unofficial mascots. I’m 9 pounds of pure muscle, like to compete and win against the big dogs at the dog park. A true disruptor!
  • Favorite memory: Memories? Who needs them? I live in the moment… SQUIRREL
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