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16 Ways to Save on Business Travel Costs

You’ve set up your booking tool and expense system, written your travel policyand analyzed your company’s existing T&E expenses. With all the pieces of a travel program in place, employees can now start booking their trips.

Mission accomplished? Sort of. Kind of. Not really.

Having a travel program isn’t necessarily the same as having a cost-effective travel program. The difference depends on thousands of individual spending decisions made by employees. So before employees start shopping for their flights and hotels, make sure they know how to secure the best deals.

We’ve put together a list of booking tips that can help reduce business travel costs. Add our handy tipsheet to your company travel policy so employees have the knowledge they need to find affordable options.

Rocketrip newest resource, 16 Ways to Save on Flights and Hotels, answers questions like:

  • What’s the cheapest day of the week for booking flights?
  • How can you get a better hotel rate than the ones listed online?
  • When are flights least (and most) expensive?
  • Where should you look for last minute hotel deals?

By following Rocketrip’s booking best practices and utilizing affordable options, business travelers can meaningfully reduce the cost of their flights and hotels


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